About Me

Born 1997 in a suburb of Zurich, Switzerland, I started drawing in childhood years.

After I failed all the rest of my subjects and quit regular school at 15, I attended an art school (F+ F Zurich) for a while, where I started to produce my very first comics. By the age of 18, I had started publishing my own fanzine (later titled 2067) regularly, selling them to friends and at concerts and going to comic festivals.

My comics became quite autobiographical very fast, I personally find this the most interesting branch of comics - though most of the time there is a surreal twist to the stories.

In 2021, a collection of stories from my (by this point numerous) fanzines was published, first by Swiss publisher Edition Moderne and later the same year by les Editions Martin de Halleux in Paris. I heard it should be published in Egypt, though I´m not sure when.

I continue to publish fanzines independently, which is my main focus of work. I also do some illustration jobs on the side.


  • 2017 Spezialpreis der Comicstipendien deutschschweizer Städte
  • 2019 Halbes Werkjahr Literatur der Stadt Zürich
  • 2020 Unterstützung Migros Kulturprozent
  • 2021 Prix Délemont BD de la meilleure premiere oevre suisse/ Award for the best swiss comic debut
  • 2023 Freiraumbeitrag Kanton Zürich


  • 2019 Thomas Ott & Simone F. Baumann "Schwarze Löcher" Galerie Stephan Witschi, Zürich
  • 2021 Buchvernissage & Ausstellung "Zwang" Galerie Stephan Witschi
  • 2021 Exposition au festival Delémont BD
  • 2021 Book launch at Galerie Martel, Paris, "Simone et moi", Signature
  • 2021 Exposition at Galerie Papiers Gras, Geneva
  • 2022 Solo Expo at La Sonnette, Lausanne in October/November
  • 2024 Sterput Brussels with Noemie Barsolle