Fanzine 2067

In 2015, when I was 18, i started regularly publishing my fanzine. First it had no title, eventually I settled on "2067", which was at the time an estimated death year for myself ( I would be 70 ). The title is not to be taken too seriously.

I started out with stories about my nasty roommates at the time, over time I also started including dreams, and stories about depression and family struggles, always with a young woman alter-ego as the protagonist.

Over the years, my style and storytelling evolved and slowly, the number of people subscribed to the fanzine climbed up. Never very high (still not), but always enough to keep me motivated. I still enjoy producing the fanzines very much, though I have become slower over the years.

In the beginning, I could do one every month easily! Now it´s more every 4 months, mostly because the drawings are becoming more and more detailed. If you would like to subscribe and get every new issue delivered by mail, or would like to purchase a gift subscription for somebody else, please fill out the form below and I will get back to you. Individual issues can be purchased via the online shop!

Please note that the fanzines do contain very little amounts of German text ( lots of stories all without words, too, though.)

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