ABC of Fears

& Anxieties

About a year ago or so I had the idea to make an ABC book, inspired by the vintage kids books with the big letters & illustrations around them - but with a dark twist!

Instead of A = Apple, in my ABC book you will find the nasty stuff like A = Appendix or Acne,

B = Buried alive and K = Kidnapping.

Basically a whole variety cabinet of different Anxieties and Fears, each carefully illustrated and embedded in a story.

The book will be around 35 to 40 pages, printed in black, white & red

Hardcover, format slightly smaller than A4

The book will be in English.

Out in Spring of 2023!

I will be self-publishing this book, since I want to do it just exactly how I want to and also do it soon.

If you are interested in getting a copy of the ABC of Fears & Anxieties, filling out the "Pre-order" form down below would really help me out to see who is interested! This is not legally binding by any means, but it gives me an idea on how many to print, plus I will keep you updated about the book so you wont miss it once it is out.

There will be a limited amount of copies.

If, for example, you have a bookshop and think you might take more than one, let me know the quantity in the message box. Again, this is non- committal; I will just let you know first once the book is printed, or about to be printed, so you can place your final order.

Thanks so much   

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