ABC of Fears and Anxieties

"What a crazy bitch! Weird drawings & laughs on every page!"

R. Crumb,

King of underground comix

About a year ago I had the idea to make an ABC book, inspired by the vintage

kids books with the big letters & illustrations around them - but with a dark twist!

Instead of A = Apple, in my ABC book you will find the nasty stuff like A = Appendix or Acne,

B = Buried alive and K = Kidnapping.

Basically a whole variety cabinet of different Anxieties and Fears, each carefully

illustrated and embedded in a story.

52 pages

Hardcover, format A4

English, but with a list of German and French traslations in the back.

I am self-publishing this book, the first edition is limited to 250 copies.

27 CHF/25 Euros/25 Dollars

Worldwide shipping possible!

Out in Spring of 2023!

(In printing now...)

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